Budgeting for P.R.

Essentially there are several ways to structure a relationship for the purpose of generating and managing public relations activity.

First, is to treat each activity as a separate project.

In this scenario we would, at no cost, explore your needs and objectives and provide a firm cost estimate for developing an outbound P.R. effort, typically involving creative development, identification of target audiences, expedition of contact with targets to distribute pertinent information, and follow-ups.

Second, is a monthly service fee.

In this instance we mutually agree to an ongoing relationship whereby your public relations needs are addressed, by us, based around a prescribed number of hours per month. The advantage to this method, from our standpoint, is the obvious benefit of being able to anticipate a certain level of activity per month and to plan accordingly. The advantages to you are the resulting continuity in effort (ongoing persistence being the single most important key to public relations success), as well as distinct cost breaks. Should time used, per any given month, extend beyond the agreed-upon hours, additional time will be billed at an agreed-upon per hour rate. First month’s service fee payable in advance to cover start-up costs. Currently our P.R. service fees range from $2750 per month to $5500 per month.

In all scenarios incidental, outside costs (postage, mailing list rental, envelopes, printing photography/graphic-related needs, etc.) will be quoted prior to project initiation. Ancillary activities such as additional collateral, direct marketing tools, video image pieces, trade shows, extremely selected display advertising plus perpetuation and/or enhancement of existing newsletter format(s) to be quoted as needed on a project-by-project basis.

We would be pleased to further discuss these issues with you.