Our Clients

A partial history of J4 clientele:

  • Avery Dennison
    [Specialty Tapes & Automotive Groups]
  • Ashland Plastics
    [Rotational molder – custom & proprietary]
  • Babcock & Wilcox
    [Cogeneration/ Maintenance/ Diagnostics]
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Ohio
  • BFGoodrich Geon
  • BFGoodrich SP&C
    [Plastics raw material]
  • BMS Burns
    [Parts and components for molding industry]
  • Buss America
    [Molding and mixing machines]
  • Carlon (now Lamson & Sessions)
    [PVC conduit and pipes]
  • Carolina Color
    [Plastics colorants]
  • Chalfant
    [Electrical raceways]
  • Cookson Specialty Additives
    [Chemical additives]
  • Corrpro
    [Anti-corrosion coatings]
  • Dow Chemical
  • DFT Lighting
    [Residential and commercial lighting fixtures]
  • Diamond Power
    [Power generation diagnostics/products]
  • DSM RIM Nylon
    [Nylon polymers]
  • DSM Somos
    [Rapid prototyping resins]
  • DSM Elastomers
  • Duoline
    [Non-metallic downhole tubing]
  • Fasson
    [Pressure-sensitive paper]
  • Ferro Corporation
    [Chemical additives]
  • Five Star Technologies
    [Hydrodynamic mixers, emulsifiers]
  • GI Plastek
    [Injection, Compression and RIM molding]
  • Great Lake Fasteners
  • Gramercy Gallery
    [Fine arts]
  • Hattie Larlham
    [Service Organization For Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled Individuals]
  • Horizon Plastics
    [Plastics brokers]
  • International Polymer Equipment Corporation
    [Used equipment]
  • Invacare
    [Medical and hospital supplies]
  • Javelin
    [Computer software]
  • Kaiser Aluminum
    [Rolled and wire aluminum products]
  • Kappus Company
    [Food industry equipment]
  • KorKap
    [Coated Conduit]
  • Lake Of The Woods
    [Outdoor Footwear]
  • MidCon Oil & Gas
    [Environmental affairs]
  • Multibase
    [Plastics compounding]
    [PET resin and sheet]
  • Occidental Chemical
    [Environmental affairs]
  • Ohio Association Of Municipal and County Court
  • Perma-Cote
    [Coated Conduit]
  • Plasti-Bond
    [Coated Conduit]
  • Polymer Connection
    [Plastics brokers]
  • Premium Marcor Group
    [Employee leasing]
  • Premium Drivers
    [Employee leasing]
  • Premier Material Concepts
    [Custom film extruders]
  • PWPipe
    [PVC pipe]
  • Quantum Magnetics
    [Magnetic scale reduction products]
  • Reminger & Reminger
    [6th largest law firm in Cleveland]
  • Robroy Industries
    [PVC conduit pipe & fittings]
  • Roxtec
    [Connector sealing systems]
  • Second National Bank
    [$2 billion/assets Bank]
  • Society of the Plastics Industry
    [Trade organization – Structural Foam Group]
  • Spirex
    [Plasticating systems]
  • Standard Oil/BP America
    [Barex and Resiston Groups]
  • Stahlin
    [Non-metallic enclosures]
  • Synthetic Products
    [Chemical additives]
  • Star U.S.A.
    [International trade seminars]
  • Teknor Apex
    [TPE materials]
  • Team Polymer
    [Plastics brokers]
  • Trimm Technologies
    [Computer storage systems]
  • Twinshot Technologies
    [Co-injection Systems]
  • Victoreen
    [Radiation detection products]
  • Vista Communications
  • Waco International
    [Scaffolding and construction equipment]
  • Wellness Works
    [Health and fitness club]
  • Wilmington Machinery
    [Injection/blowmolding equipment builders]